• Maestro

    Maestro is an X-ray software platform which makes digital radiography very intuitive. Within less than 2h training, the operator will be able to make high quality X-ray pictures. The system has a control module (for both the detector and the generator), an acquisition module (Grabber) and an image processing module (Viewer). Video mode enables the operator to adjust kV and mA during the X-ray shot and get the best image. The picture mode averages all the captures automatically for noise reduction. All standard image processing tools are offered. In addition, real time filters enable the user to optimize image quality when needed. The platform is customizable.

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    DeReO WA-P are portable Direct Radiography (DR) detectors.
    Such systems are commonly named "Flat panels" due to their small thickness. They provide immediately the digital image of the object that is radiographied. DeReO WA-P is different from other devices thanks to its wide area (WA) of 40 cm x 40 cm or 25 x 30 cm, the fluoroscopy functionality (real time inspection in continuous mode as a movie camera and not just as a photo camera), its ruggedised conception and the fact that it doesn't require any synchronisation with the generator it is combined with. Its 200 µm / 140 µm pixel are the best compromise between sensitivity, signal to noise ratio (SNR) and resolution. They are controlled with Maestro NDT.

    More information: DeReO WA-P

  • DeReO HR - NEW

    DeReO HR is a high resolution and compact panel with pixels of 48 and 96 µm and is a particularly innovative concept.1) The CMOS reading head and the electronic board have been separated in two modules. This offers a maximum compactness to the reading head. Two edges around the detective area have a width of only 3 mm. This design permits to use the panel in area with difficult access 2) DeReO HR heads are interchangeable. The end-user can use the most appropriate in function of circumstances for an optimized cost. Customized heads can be developed upon requests. 3) Full system is IP65. The electronic module is battery-powered and can also control some X-ray generators wireless.

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  • DF and DF CAM

    DF Film (for Direct Film) is the lightest, thinnest, most robust and most affordable X-ray inspection solution, providing a realtime image without any manual and chemical process. It is flexible and can be wrapped around any object. It is ready to be X-rayed within a few seconds. DF Film is supplied in rolls of 10 m * 50 cm (the largest detector availaible...) and can be cut in order to get the right surface size for the application.
    DF CAM is a batttery-powered wireless HD camera controlled by touchpad. It allows the operator to control GemX-160 and watch the development of the film in real-time, in order to take decisive action about the threat at a safe distance. DF CAM associated with DF and with GemX is the most affordable and robust system available on the market.

    More information: DF Film and DF CAM