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What is fantastic with X-ray is the number of applications and problems that can be addressed...
That's certainly the best and easiest way to see inside material or objects.

X-RIS can manage all the steps of industrial projects from the concept to on-site installation and certification.
Introduce us your problem and if it can be solved with X-Ray we will provide a solution.

Among some of our studies and achievements:
    - 2D and 3D measurement and imaging tools for oil reservoir characterisation
    - On-line X-ray scanner for radioactive waste barrels sorting
    - Truck containers for on-site disposal of historical bombs
    - Spinach content inspection in a packaging and washing line
    - ...



Cxbox are a range of X-ray inspection cabinets that are developed for TOTAL. They have been designed for oil reservoir characterisation and more particularly for the dynamic measurement and visualisation of oil and water relative concentrations in sand cores, under field conditions in temperature (70°C) and pressure (1000 barrs).



CTbox is a project currently under development.
It is a 3D version of CxBox with triphasic measurements.



VisiX is an X-ray systems that has been developed under the specifications of the Tervueren Royal Museum for Central Africa. The purpose was to get a high-end solution to X-ray the collections of archeological specimens of the Museum.
See: New X-ray scanner for the study of zoological specimens.


Other customized developments

X-RIS has managed numerous customized developments in very different fields since its creation. Contact us to introdure your problem. If it can be solved by X-ray we will find a solution.