X-RIS can provide you complete X-ray cabinets as well as upgrade kits to digital for your existing inspection cabinets :
    - RAD upgrade kits (from film to digital)
    - RT solutions with differents sizes, kV, ...
    - Dxbox-320-6 with its astrolabe (TM)
    - Standard xray cabinets - Dxbox-200

Our software Maestro NDT possesses numerous features and modules to satisfy all your needs and comply with the standards and requirements of industrial applications:
    - DICONDE format,
    - Integrated X-ray generator control,
    - Multi-point calibration,
    - Automatic recipe programmation,
    - Automatic reporting,
    - NDT Tools,
    - Highest-end image treatment,
    - ...

Dereo WA-F

Dereo RAD + Maestro NDT 
[ upgrade from film to digital  ]

A simple and efficient solution to upgrade your existing X-ray inspection cabinet to digital: installation and the complete training can be done in 2 days and your X-ray generator and recipie protocols can be integrated in our software. You will also take benefit of the user-friendliness of image treatments of Maestro to master digital technology. The whole solution is NADCAP, PR5250 and BS7044 compliant. Solutions can be provided up to 600 kV.

Dereo RT

Dereo RT + Maestro NDT 
[ upgrade from image intensifier to flat panel  ]

Image Intensifier is an old-fashioned technology in comparison with flat panel detectors for spatial resolution, contrast resolution, number of frames per second and sensitivity. Dereo RT active area goes from 15 x 15 cm to 25 x 30 cm with pixels ranging from 127 µm to 200 µm. Maestro can control any generator and work in fluoro mode. Its real time filters will provide the best image quality.



X-RIS can supply X-Ray inspection cabinets dedicated to your application.
Dxbox-320-6 is a fully automatic system with 6 axes that was developed for the inspection of inconel parts. The inspection that was taking 8 hours with films takes 15 minutes now.
Dxbox-225-R4 comprises a Robot that positions a C-arm (with the X-Ray generator and the flat panel) around a Ti stator that can rotate.



Dxbox-200 is a basic shielded X-Ray cabinet. It can be used with all our portable and fixed monobloc X-ray generators (GemX, µGemX, GXC and µGXC up to 200 kV) and with all our Dereo detectors. It can be supplied with a motorized collimateur and with calibration plates. Magnification can be easily performed to increase the system SRb.



X-RIS is currently leading the project ADRIC (Automatic Defect Recognition in Industrial Control) with several universities and companies active in the image treatment with the support of several end-users of X-Ray technologies to develop a user-friendly and 100 % accurate ADR.
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