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Radioactive waste management

Radioactive waste management


🆕 Collaborative Project

🤝 Led by DSi and Technord, the Syscade project has been launched. Our new Mobile unit for radioactive waste drums analysis will for the first time combine X-ray imagery and radioactive isotopes characterization. It will be created thanks to the collaboration with X-RIS for the X-Ray Imagery System, Brightpec for the characterization system including the software development and JF-Tech for the drums conveyor.

🚚 The concept given by Wallonia’s administration is to gather all involved companies technologies in a 40’’ container inside a mobile truck. The project purposes are to analyse, threat and limit environmental impact of radioactive wastes.

💰 The project is partially financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Walloon region and is certified by the Metatech pole.

🎬 A lot of work has been done so far and we look forward to show you more at the end of July !

ℹ️ Meanwhile, for any further information, contact us on :

DSi : https://www.deltabeam.net
Technord : https://www.technord.com
X-RIS : http://www.xris.eu