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Dereo HE

High Energy

High Energy flat panel detector for NDT inspection of heavy parts

High Energy

Dereo HE is compatible with all sources (X-ray, gamma, betatrons, linear accelerators,…) and all energies thanks to its design and internal shielding.


Tough handle, bumpers, military standard connectors, strong carrying case,… will definitely grant a high level of robustness of your Dereo HE on the field. IP67.

Quick set-up

Ability to work on batteries, easy Wi-Fi & wired set-up, smart hardware and software features offer an unrivalled operational experience to its users.


Benefit from a lightweight (down to 2,7 kg) flat panel, with a pixel size down to 75 µm and an active area from 17 x 23 cm up to 40 x 40 cm.

High Energy X-ray imaging