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Our team at your service

Our team of experts at your service

Besides supplying hardware and software for your x-ray inspections, we can offer all related services and put you in contact with our partners when needed.


Do you want to discover digital radiography, computed tomography or simply upgrade your imaging system ? We are glad to introduce you to our user-friendly solutions at your facility, at X-RIS or remotely.


Feasibility tests & Expertise

Do you want to make sure that digital radiography can solve your challenges ? Send us your parts that need to be inspected or visit us to discover our systems and participate to a live test session.


X-ray inspection services

In Belgium or anywhere around the world, we are pleased to provide you with x-ray inspection services with our key partners.

Inspection services
Leasing Rental

Rental & Leasing

Not ready to buy ? Just rent our system for your desired period of time and enjoy the user-friendliness of our products.

Leasing Rental

Operator training & Certifications

Learn or review the basics or advanced aspects of digital radiography with our experts, receive new developments updates, including extensions of our user-friendly Maestro software. We also organize certifications so you can become an expert.

x-ray system leasing


Our team is 100% involved in customer service. We deliver each system on time, take care of the installation and walk you through the first steps.

x-ray system leasing


Worldwide intervention for curative and preventive maintenance (mechanical parts, generator,...) as well as specification follow-up for detectors & x-ray source focal spot measurements.