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X-ray Systems

X-ray systems

Our x-ray systems range is called Dxbox for Digital x-ray box. Find a small compact cabinet for quick inspection, a real-time and computed tomography box, and an innovative system using a radiotransparent support. We also supply customized systems adapted to your needs. Contact us to know more.


Smart NDT inspection system for digital X-ray up to 200 kV. Wide range of objects inspection possibilities : Welding, castings, composites, ... quality control, welding NDT training centers, laboratories.


High Efficiency Fully Automated Digital Radiography System for Casting Inspection. Stationary system for X-ray inspections for quality control of aerospace parts or structures on the 65 cm diameter turn table for castings, weldings or composite materials.

Dxbox RT/CT

Standard NDT system for Real Time (RT) and Computed Tomography (CT) inspections. Robust, ergonomic and efficient.

Customized systems

X-RIS will always make sure that your system fits at best your application. Click below to find examples of customized system delivered by X-RIS. Some are simple retrofit, others are fully-automated. Choose it with or without the leaked cabinet. If you don't find what would best meet your application, contact us to meet an X-RIS expert that will help you.