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Wide range of x-ray systems and devices

X-ray devices

Generators, digital detectors array (DDA), fully-automated and customizable machines for NDT inspections in the Industry or for the Security.

X-ray sources

X-RIS integrates existing generators and has developed its own range of portable, constant potential X-ray sources optimized for Digital Radiography.

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Flat panel detectors

X-RIS designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of portable and stationary flat panel detectors that can be customized to any application.


X-RIS has designed different types of polyvalent standard x-ray systems. Also find a list of customized produced by X-RIS. We are always open to discuss further customizations, just contact us.

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Maestro is our user-friendly software dedicated to the image inspection. Discover the incredible image quality obtained for a wide range of applications.